Flexion-DistractionFlexion-Distraction is a Chiropractic technique that uses a particularly designed treatment table which is able to have the bottom half lower independently, and rotate, all in a very slow and controlled manner. Flexion-Distraction allows the Chiropractor to gently decompress and bend the spine and can often be helpful for lower back pain, sciatica and spinal stiffness. Patients find, more often than not, that this process is very pleasant indeed as it’s applied. We find it powerfully effective.

Flexion-Distraction, or Cox® Technic, was developed in the early 1960s by Dr James M. Cox, DC, DACBR. In developing the technique, Dr Cox combined chiropractic principles with the osteopathic principles set forth by Alan Stoddard, DO, in his book, Manual of Osteopathic Technique, which chronicles the manipulative procedures developed by John McManis, DO, in the early 1900s.

Initially, Dr Cox introduced and taught the technique as “Flexion-Distraction” which is now the common name for the technique. Over the decades, Cox® Technic has evolved thanks to the efforts of many researchers and fellow Chiropractors.
Booval Chiropractic has two flexion-distraction tables, and Dr Charlton is formally trained and very competent at the technique, indeed he uses it as a regular part of his Chiropractic practice. If you would like to know whether Flexion-Distraction can help you, whether for back pain, sciatica or leg pain or for spine stiffness or pins and needles or numbness in the legs call us today for an evaluation.

Your experience at Booval Chiropractic will begin with a thorough case history and physical examination. Should x-rays be clinically indicated you will be referred locally to an imaging centre that does not require an appointment and usually bulk bills. The Chiropractor will then provide a diagnosis as appropriate and treatment options (which may include options other than Flexion-Distraction or other than Chiropractic). Your progress will be closely monitored, and advice will be provided on what you can do at home to assist in providing the best results fastest from your treatment.