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New to Chiropractic?

  • Chiropractic is safe and effective
  • Chiropractic care is drug free
  • Chiropractic care is backed by research
  • Chiropractors enjoy one of the highest levels of patient satisfaction in health care

Do you suffer from Sciatica? Neck Pain? Lower Back Pain? Booval Chiropractic has delivered quality chiropractic care to patients in Ipswich QLD for almost a decade. Make an appointment today!

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Dr Scott Charlton from Booval Chiropractic

Initial consult

On your first visit there will be a quick form or two to fill out so we can start to review your main concerns and general health. Once completed, we’ll move into our consultation room where we’ll discuss these concerns in more depth in order to obtain accurate details of the issue. We can then move on to a thorough examination. During your examination we’ll be assessing:

  • Your posture
  • Your mobility
  • Your neurological and muscular function
  • Specific orthopaedic and chiropractic tests

This will help to determine the type and severity of your problem (diagnosis) and what we decide to be the best course of action from there (to begin treatment, x-rays, further referral). We may provide some treatment at this stage to aid relief, unless further investigation is required beforehand.

Second visit- Report of Findings

Once we have reviewed your case and any necessary x-rays, we will be able to ascertain what course of action is appropriate to achieve best results. We call this visit the Report of Findings. We’ll discuss treatment, exercises and advice to aid short term relief, then future recommendations that will assist in rehabilitation, a return to better function, and reduce the risk of a return to injury.

Regular visits

Recovery can take time and good management. Your regular visits will be scheduled at an appropriate frequency and we’ll discuss suitable times. Each visit will assess progress, and include treatment and recommendations. Your optimum recovery is dependant on its committed management. It is important that you follow your recommended plan of care – it is designed to progress healing and rehabilitation. Every adjustment builds on the one before. Specific progress exams will be scheduled to assess overall improvement and future recommendations of care and management.

Progress of Care

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Pain Relief / Acute Injury Management

We’ll work to relieve your pain and get you moving again as quickly as possible. Chiropractic care works fast, and is very safe and remarkably effective for people of all ages. (Note that all health care carries some risk, as can doing nothing).

Rehabilitation Care

Once pain relief has been achieved, you may elect towards correcting the underlying problem so that you shoulder painmay return to healthy function and prevent relapse. Management includes:

  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • Exercise and stretch advice
  • Ergonomic advice
  • Lifestyle advice

Maintenance Care

Your teeth, your car, your fitness and your health are all things that we understand require regular maintenance to function well. So too, our spines constantly have to adapt to life’s pressures and strains. Regular check-ups, as appropriate to your needs, may help maintain healthy spinal mobility and function, keeping you moving well and feeling great.

Sportssports chiropractic sports chiropractic netball injury

Whether you are a competing athlete, follow a regular exercise regime or just lead an active life, you’ll not want to be held back by prolonged injury, pain, or suboptimal performance. Chiropractic Care has become a modality of choice for many sports people including professional and Olympic competitors.

At Booval Chiropractic we pride ourselves in being part of your team. Injury co-management with other professionals, an integrated approach to rehabilitation, and maintenance care and advice assisting your optimal performance is what we do!

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Pregnancy / New Mums

As wonderful as it is, pregnancy and nursing a new baby can put pressure on a mother’s body and spine. This can make the journey of motherhood a lot less enjoyable and possibly lead to future back pain and stiffness. We are proud to be part of the ‘team’ for many women, keeping them moving well and feeling good in this important state of their lives – that means you too! Techniques utilised are safe, effective and appropriate; and are always discussed prior to care.

Spinal Corrective Care with CBP

Recent high-quality research suggests spine shape is important in both pain and arthritis but also for other health benefits. We use a well researched and tested form of analysis and treatment that can often provide relief for chronic, longstanding difficult cases by actually changing the shape of spines that are out of alignment in the true sense (not as medieval as it sounds!). The protocol is known as Chiropractic BioPhysics® (CBP®) and further information can be obtained either from our clinic or see

Referring you on

If you or your chiropractor decide that chiropractic is not appropriate for your case or if beneficial results are not achieved, rest assured that we will refer you for further investigation or the appropriate modality to aid in your further recovery.