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• Hip And Leg Pain •

The hip and knees are two of the largest joints in the body and can affect all kinds of movement and activity when pain persists. While the hip and knee joints are designed to withstand repetitive motion and general wear and tear, they can become damaged with age and overuse.

Hip Pain

Pain in the hips can come from many different causes, and the source of the pain needs to be accurately determined before any treatment is started.

Causes of Hip Pain

The pain you are experiencing may not even originate from your hip but rather be a symptom of another cause altogether. This pain may be coming from problems with your lumbar spine, pelvis or groin, it could even have something to do with your gait or posture.

Osteoarthritis, overuse of the joint, injury, trauma to the hip or pelvis area or even referred pain from the sacroiliac joints are also known to contribute to hip pain. If the pain is persistent you may develop a slight limp.

Treatment of Hip Pain

To treat your hip pain, our trained chiropractors will examine your hip and also your spine, gait and posture. Treatment will usually involve the hip, pelvis, and spine as well as specific stretching exercises to get to the core of the problem. Opting for a more natural treatment plan for hip pain can help you avoid the costs and risks of surgery and drugs over a longer period.   

Knee Pain

The knee is made up of three bones, two cartilages, four ligaments, muscles and tendons. During normal steady motion and activity, the knee can move optimally and free of pain.

Causes of Knee Pain

There are many possible causes of knee pain including osteoarthritis, damaged cartilages, and ligaments which can lead to severe pain. Increased body weight, overuse of the joints, traumatic injury and poor gait could also be a contributing factor to your knee pain.

Wearing improper footwear may worsen the situation as it can shift the angle of your foot and lower leg changing the angle and the way your knee naturally glides.

Illustration of Hip and Knee pain

Treatment of Knee Pain

The treatment of knee pain is as varied as the cause. Our qualified chiropractors will give you a thorough examination of the muscles, ligaments, joints, posture and gait and will advise you of your options.

Our chiropractor may suggest you look closely at your lifestyle, nutrition, and exercise choices.  They may also encourage you to choose your footwear carefully, shed a few pounds, improve your fitness levels or even learn proper squatting and exercise techniques to avoid any further strain and injury.

Most knee conditions respond well to chiropractic treatments and for the most part, do not require surgery. Chiropractic care includes gentle, controlled and directed adjustments delivered to the relevant part of the leg and spinal joints to restore optimal movement and function. The overall aim of the treatment is to reduce inflammation, improve movement of the joints, relax any painful muscle spasms and strengthen your weakened muscles which will in turn ease the pain and lessen the symptoms.

Your rehabilitation schedule may incorporate stretches and exercises to help prevent pain in the future.

What if I Need Surgery?

In severe cases, you may need to see an orthopaedic surgeon to see if you require knee or hip surgery. However, this should not necessarily be your first option. Chiropractic treatment may help you delay the need for surgery and the earlier you receive treatment, the more likely you are to benefit. Should you require surgery, rehabilitation following the surgery will be necessary to strengthen your muscles and restore or maintain the flexibility of your hip and other related joints.

Person holding their knee due to pain

How Chiropractic Care Can Help Hip and Knee Pain

After undergoing a careful physical examination and evaluation, our chiropractors will examine your spine, pelvis, hip joint, knee, ankle and foot to determine the actual source of your pain to either your hip or knee. An x-ray or scan may be necessary to confirm the exact cause. We will then create a personalised plan that includes necessary chiropractic adjustments, exercises, posture advice and stretching.

We pride ourselves on exceptional care and treatment, particularly for problematic hip and knee pain.

Because these are such important joints, it’s vital that you see an expert chiropractor who will look beyond the symptoms to find the source of the problem. If the problem isn’t fixed, the pain will return.

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