• Cervical Curve Exercises •

Cervical curve exercises for restoration and relief of neck pain, stiffness and headaches

This video will demonstrate some exercises and stretches to improve the curve in your neck. This curve can be reduced for several reasons – commonly, injuries such as whiplash or forward head carriage due to work posture.

These exercises are designed to stretch and strengthen the ligaments and muscles in your neck. This may help promote the restoration of your cervical curve and help with neck pain and headaches. Only perform these exercises when your Chiropractor instructs you as part of your overall chiropractic treatment program.

Exercise is an essential component of your chiropractic treatment plan that aims to restore function to your body, especially your spine. These targeted exercises help restore your spine’s function and strength by fighting poor posture and encouraging a better shape of your cervical curve. There is much more to the story, but these exercises may help as a first step. Our clinic is specially equipped to offer evidence-based Chiropractic BioPhysics protocols for spinal rehabilitation. These exercises are just a starting point.

If any of these exercises cause you pain or discomfort, stop and consult your Ipswich Chiropractor.

Cervical Extension Instruction

The exercise is a simple one to increase the extension of your neck.

  • Place a towel around the base of your neck.
  • Hold in place and slowly look up toward the ceiling as far as you can without pain.
  • Lower your neck toward your chest as far as you can without pain.
  • Repeat this movement slowly ten times.

Thoracic Extension Instructions

This exercise increases midback flexibility, stretches through your chest, and extends your neck.

  • Lie on the floor.
  • Roll a towel and place it along your spine to the base of your neck. Let your arms rest out to each side, and your head rest back. Generally, rolling a towel at the short edge is best, but if it is uncomfortable, try it with a few different thicknesses until you find one that is comfortable and provides a stretch.
  • Hold for the time recommended by your Chiropractor.

Note that this is the most basic approach. Speak with your Chiropractor about specialized products such as the Denneroll that are much more specific and scientifically validated than the above. This is just a start!

Chin Tuck instruction

This exercise is to strengthen the deep muscles of your neck

  • Ensure that you are sitting up straight,
  • Tuck your chin in without allowing your head to tilt forward or backwards.
  • Hold for 10 sec and repeat ten times. You may need to build up slowly.
  • If you find it challenging, try lying down with a pillow at the base of your skull.

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Source: A special thanks to our fellow practitioners at Ansell Chiropractic Centre for preparing this instructional video.