Find out how to prevent back pain while travelling

When you suffer from back pain the thought of a long trip by car or plane can be frightening. These seats can become very uncomfortable and to be sitting still for a long time can be a very painful experience. The following tips will help support your spine and help relieve or prevent back pain while travelling on holidays.

Travelling by car:

Travelling by Plane:

Tips and exercises to help relieve or prevent back pain or neck pain while on holidays:

Here are some easy things for you to try to help relieve or prevent back pain or neck during your holiday.

Trapezius muscle stretch

Mid back extension

Generally rolling a towel at the short edge is best but if it is uncomfortable try it with a few different thicknesses until you find one that is comfortable and provides a stretch through your chest

Knee to chest

Go for a gentle walk outside

Fresh air and gentle exercise can do wonders for a mild headache especially if it’s caused or aggravated by spending too much time working or on a computer. Exercise is also great for stress which is one of the main causes of tension headaches. Get outside and go for a half hour walk, take deep breaths all the way into your stomach. Allow your shoulders a neck to relax while you’re walking, even try stopping to do some gentle stretches during your walk.

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