Shoulder pain is unfortunately quite a common complaint. It seems to increase as we age. There are many potential causes of shoulder complaints which can occur with injury or trauma, everyday wear and tear or even overuse. The pain may also be referred from another part of your body such as your neck.

shoulder pain

Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is a very flexible ball and socket joint, but with this wonderful flexibility we sacrifice stability. In contrast, think how stable your hip joint is. The trade off however, is the hip is nowhere near as flexible as your shoulder.

Shoulder pain is very common, and since your shoulder moves basically every time you move your arm, it is not hard to see why this condition could affect upwards of 20% of adults at any one time. Interestingly, shoulder pain is a very common reason for presenting to a Chiropractor. A Chiropractor is a registered health professional who has the skills, training and experience to arrive at the appropriate diagnosis and to suggest appropriate management.

When to seek help for shoulder pain?

If your pain does not resolve after a few days of rest, ice and/or heat it is sensible to seek a professional opinion. Additionally if you find it difficult to use the arm or to carry objects due to your pain then seek help. Other possible scenarios such as pain while at rest, swelling or significant bruising around the shoulder or inability to raise the arm it is time to see the Chiropractor.

Management options for you may include prescription of special tailored exercises to prevent and manage shoulder pain as well as attention to the shoulder and surrounding muscles. A thorough examination of your spine may also reveal possible causes of shoulder pain which even be referred from your neck or elsewhere.

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